“Actor–Director Dynamics”… A Masterclass by Actor Ahmed Magdy as Part of the Summer Festival

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The Bibliotheca Alexandrina witnessed a masterclass on the dynamics between actors and directors, presented by filmmaker and actor Ahmed Magdy, with the participation of a group of young filmmakers and actors, as part of the BA International Summer Festival.

Mr. Magdy stressed that the relationship between the director and the actor is an integrated one, as both rely on each other to make a successful piece of work. He explained that there are different kinds of directors: the one who is busy with acting and performance, the one who cares more about techniques, and finally the craftsman who is immersed in his artistic experience and is concerned with all the details that produce a long-lasting work of art (he stated that the latter is the model closest to his heart, although working with this type of director is stressful, such as the late director Youssef Chahine).

He also discussed his beginnings in the art scene, as he grew up among a group of artists who were friends of his father, director Magdy Ahmed Ali, and since then he has learned that he would work in this field, and in 2005, he started making short films and then moved to feature films.

Additionally, Mr. Magdy noted that the actor is as important as the director, despite the opposing views that suggest that the most important element in an artistic work is the director, pointing to the importance of the actor in the theater and a good script in TV series. He added that he is working on his second film The Crow, which will be filmed in Alexandria.