“A Survey of Coptic Heritage in the City of Rashid” in a Lecture at the BA

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The BA Center for Coptic Studies organizes a webinar titled “A Survey of Coptic Heritage in the City of Rashid”, delivered by Mr. Saeed Rakha, Director General of Rashid National Museum. It is held on Monday, 30 May 2022, at 4:00 pm.

The lecture sheds light on the city of Rashid – a cosmopolitan city and a crossroads of civilizations. It is a real example of religious tolerance and harmony due to its status as an important commercial center and a major transit point for trade movement or even for the expeditionary warfare that was conducted in Egypt and Africa. This is evident in the large number of consulates and Western facilities that were proliferating in the city, in addition to the presence of several different nationalities, ethnicities, and religions.

Furthermore, the lecture examines the significant role played by the Copts in the city, notably in the fields of commerce, customs, accounting, and administration.

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