BA First Institution Interested in Publishing Distinguished Theses in Coptic Studies

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As part of the BA Center for Coptic Studies’ interest in supporting and encouraging young researchers in the field of Coptic studies, particularly in scholarly publishing, the Center has been concerned, since 2018, with publishing several distinguished research papers and scholarly studies conducted by these researchers, which will be available to readers at this year’s Cairo International Book Fair. The Center started this initiative by publishing Ahmed Naqshara’s MA thesis Early Coptic Discourses, followed by certain others including Mohammadi Fathy’s MA thesis Copts’ Will and Inheritance from the Seventh to the Eleventh Century AD (May 2020), and Diaa Gaber’s MA thesis Coptic Binding Tools and Forms of Ancient Egyptian Origin (July 2021). Additionally, a number of other outstanding theses are being prepared for publication by the Center, and will be released soon.