The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Releases Coptica Alexandrina Periodical

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The BA Center for Coptic Studies released Coptica Alexandrina (CA); a new periodical specialized in Coptic studies. It comprises various research papers in Arabic and English, written by a number of prominent Coptology scholars in Egypt and around the world.

Among the published articles featured in this issue are “Death and Inheritance in Light of the Coptic Commandments Texts” by Dr. Mohammadi Fathy; “Irrigation and Water Disputes in Fayoum in the Early Coptic Period” by Dr. Adel Fakhry; “Arabic and the Late Coptic Letters” by Dr. Maher Essa; “Coptic Women and the Issues of the Egyptian Society (1919 – 1952)” by Dr. Ali Afifi; “New Historical Highlights on Glass Monasteries” by Archpriest Youssef El-Houmy; and “The History of Publishing Arabic Translations of the Bible (the Role and Message)” by Reverend Eid Salah.