Dr. El Feki Convenes with Members of CHLS

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During a meeting with a group of members of the Coptic Heritage Lovers Society (CHLS), Dr. Mostfa el Feki, Director of the BA, affirmed that prejudice, extremism, and terrorism are the outcomes of ignorance and the lack of culture. He added that terrorist groups are mere mobs that use religion to cause strife among the Egyptian community and to primarily cause havoc and destruction in the whole world.

Dr. El Feki also stated that the BA had always assumed the responsibility to support the culture of dialogue, call for respecting others, and combat extremist and false ideas that are spread by certain groups. During the upcoming period, the BA will hold several open discussions and assemblies to discuss national matters and issues that impact the country negatively. Different sects of the Egyptian community, especially youth, will be key participants in said events.

Engineer Sami Matry, Chairman of the CHLS, noted that both organizations have been collaborating in various events for years, referring back to the Coptic Heritage in Africa Conference that was held in 2012. The conference closing ceremony included the inauguration of the BA Center for Coptic Studies.

The CHLS was founded in 1998, and it aspires to raise people’s awareness of the significance of Coptic heritage as it is closely connected to ancient Egyptian heritage, Islamic heritage, and the modern age, as well as the surrounding heritage of African, Arab, Euro Mediterranean, and international countries.

The CHLS organizes various events, such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and concerts, in cooperation with other organizations and entities that have the same goals and similar activities.


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