Papyrus Through the Ages: An Introduction to Papyrology (Inscriptions and Writings)

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As part of the cooperation between the BA and the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology in Cairo (Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale), the BA Writings and Calligraphy Center is organizing a one-day workshop titled “Papyrus Through the Ages: An Introduction to Papyrology” on Monday, 23 February 2015 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The workshop comprises several lectures, the first of which aims to present the emergence and development of papyrology, and its importance in historical and documentary studies. The second lecture will cover texts written on papyrus, most particularly Arabic and Greek texts; the third one aims to provide participants with practical training on the methods of dating papyrus, reading texts inscribed on them, as well as editing and preparing those texts for scientific and academic publishing.

The lectures will be delivered by a number of expert researchers from the Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale and Egyptian universities.

Registration is free of charge. Interested researchers and experts in papyrology can register in this workshop by filling out the application (in Arabic), and sending it to

The application deadline is 10 February 2015.